Arteza Watercolour Paints Review

In this blog I will be discussing my use of the Arteza watercolour and acrylic paints. Eight months ago, I wanted to purchase the Arteza watercolour paints but ended up purchasing the acrylic paints by mistake. Therefore, I purchased the watercolour paints as well and have now been using both sets for some time.

Both sets have 60 different colours with a wide range of colours with several shades of each colour as well as white and black.

Arteza Acrylic Paints

I tried the acrylic paints first, the first time I used the acrylic paints was on a MDF project I was doing and the coverage was really good as I only had to paint the MDF once. I have also tried the paints on card and they also work really well on card, again, providing really good coverage. Finally, I have also tried them on canvas and they really come into their element on canvas, flowing off the brush nicely. The acrylics tend to provide a slight sheen to the final product which ensures the result doesn’t look to plain or dull. The paints also mix together really well to provide a even wider range of shades should you not find the colour you need from the original 60 shades.

Each paint is provided in a small tube labelled with the relevant shade, lightfastness rating, opacity level, pigment information and colour name/number. which I used to squeeze a small amount onto a palette before applying to my chosen project. The paints can also be organised into sets of six via the provided boxes, the paints can be clipped into these boxes to store and I have arranged mine by colour shade. This means I can just grab the colour group I need and I have all of the options readily available.

So far I have not found any negatives to using these paints and they have always provided the end results I have been seeking.

Arteza Watercolour Paints

I then moved on to the Arteza watercolour paints and I first used these on watercolour paper and this is the only surface I have used them on so far. I also found the quality of these to be very good and fulfilled my requirements as they are highly pigmented so the colour really stands out on the paper. These can also be mixed to provide a wider range of colours from the original 60 colours provided.

These come labelled with pigment information as well as lightfastness, transparency level and the colour name/number. You also get the same organisational system with trays of 6 that can be stored in a larger, sturdy box. The colours do not come sorted by colour groups so you may need to take 15 minutes to organise your paints in the order you prefer them to be.


I paid £42 for the Acrylic set and £38 for the Watercolour set so the price is higher than some other paints on the market but the quality of these paints is apparent and they are definitely high enough quality for the type of projects I was working on.

I would like to finish with a note that I am not a professional painter and painting is not my area of expertise. These opinions are just my views of using the products to work on certain projects.

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