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Tim Holtz Stamping Platform Review

The NEC Craft Show

Recently I went to the NEC craft show back in March and I thought I would write this particular blog on the main thing I managed to pick up whilst I was there. Firstly, there was so much there it was hard to choose what to buy but I knew an area I needed to improve was stamping my sentiments on cards as I don’t do this very straight. Therefore, I knew I wanted to get myself a stamp platform and I spotted a Tim Holtz platform for a good price, so this is the main thing I picked up from the show. Here is my Tim Holtz stamping platform review. If you have any questions about this particular product, or even crafting in general, just submit a comment at the bottom.

Review of Tim Holtz Stamping Platform

The platform has two strong magnets to hold your card in place while you stamp your sentiments or image. The lid has a grid on it so you can line your stamps up on your card press the lid down and the stamp sticks to the lid ready for you to ink up and stamp. The lid is reversible so you can use clear stamps or rubber stamps that’s a bonus.

The Tim Holtz stamp platform also has a rubber base so it won’t move on your surface when you stamp you can also go over your stamped image again if you miss a bit so you always get a perfect image no more wasting your cards after you have worked so hard on it just thought you would like to hear my opinion on this product it’s one of the tools I’m glad I invested in it makes my stamping look professional I love it.

Should You Get A Stamping Platform?

If, like me, you can’t stamp very straight and end up spoiling your card then a stamp platform is a great addition to your craft essentials. I found countless times when I would spoil a card or be dissatisfied with how it turned out because the stamp ended up being misaligned. I will be using this stamping platform a lot as it will reduce the number of errors that I make whilst stamping sentiments moving forward. This will help me improve the quality of the things I make and just make my crafts that much better.

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