Diamond Paintings Review Blog

Diamond Paintings Review

As a crafter I like to try different things and my latest crafting experiment has come in the form of diamond painting. In this blog I will go through what diamond painting is, how hard it is to do and my current experiences with them.

What Is A Diamond Painting?

A diamond painting is sort of a combination between cross stitch and painting by numbers but with tiny plastic beads. With cross stitch the pattern is on a separate pieces of paper but with diamond painting the pattern is on the canvas just like painting by numbers. They come in a variety of different sizes and an even bigger variety of designs so there is definitely something out there for everyone. The usually come with a special pen tool and a small plastic tray that is used to speed up the process of applying the beads to the canvas.


How Difficult Are Diamond Paintings?

Diamond paintings are no more difficult than a paint by numbers and the concept is the same. Take the correct colour of bead and place it in the correctly numbered place on the canvas, repeat the process many times for all the beads and you have finished. I have made 10 now and it is very time consuming but I find it very relaxing. It’s a craft you can pick up do a little bit and put it down and it’s easy to go back to it, so you don’t have to worry about losing where you are and the end results look great.


Examples of Diamond Paintings

As mentioned above, I have now completed 10 diamond paintings but most of these have been for friends and family so far and everyone has been pleased with the results. I am aiming to create more in order to frame and list on the store for anyone interested in buying one. Currently there is one listed on the store of two lions so for an example of a diamond painting go and check out that listing and I keep your eye on the store for more listings soon.

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