Chameleon Pens Review

Today, after eight months of having them, I finally got around to opening my Chameleon pens. I have taken them out of the box and had a good play with them and thought I would write this chameleon pens review blog on my experience with the pens and who they are perfect for.

What I Usually Use

I always coloured with ProMarker pens and they are extremely good and quite cost effective, but I decided a while ago that, as I do so much colouring in, I ought to upgrade to a newer and better pen that could speed things up for me and create more detailed effects. The Chameleon pens are absolutely fantastic, and they have helped me to do just that.

Benefits of The Pens

The main benefit of owning the Chameleon pens is that you can go from light to dark with one pen by adding the blender. I have the set of 52 pens that came with a case and I also got 20 replacement nibs, a detail pen, 2x25ml ink refill kits and 50 colour tops. The colour tops are pretty amazing themselves as they mean that you can go from colour to colour with the same pen. So if I start with say a red pen and add a green colour top then a blue colour top when I colour the pen will go from blue to green then to red. It’s a great idea it also saves you time when colouring in which is a main benefit for me as I spend so much time colouring in embellishments and toppers for cards and photo albums.

Are They Worth It?

In all honesty these pens are not cheap but after using them I would say they are well worth the money if you can afford them and make the most of them. Even though I left them in the box for far too long, after using them for the first time I now know they will be my new best friend when I need to colour anything in. I love the fact that they come with a case as they are easy to store and organise also to transport them if you need to take them away with you. If you are considering buying these pens, then I would say go for it as long as you are going to use them often enough as if you colour a lot they do make your colouring look a lot more professional.

I hope my chameleon pens review has shed some light on the quality of these pens and helped you to decide. If you have any questions about the pens, then just drop a comment below and I will try and help.

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