Cut 'N' Boss Machine Review

Cut ‘N’ Boss Machine Review

Today I have decided to write a blog about die cutting machines as I have recently just purchased a new one myself (well my husband bought it for me… same thing ?). I have had my fair share of machines in the past as I have had a Sizzix, Sizzix Big Shot, Spellbinders Grand Calibur and a TODO machine. So, I thought I would provide a little review of all the machines I have used and compare how my new Cut ‘N’ Boss machine performs compared to the others.

Previous Machines

Essentially all the machines are good for cutting dies, but there are pros and cons to each machine. The Sizzix is a small machine that I now keep as a travel machine, so I can craft when I’m away, but the size of the Sizzix machine means I am limited to the size of the dies and embossing folders I can use. The Sizzix Big Shot is a very nice machine and this will cut any size of die and embossing folders which means I can do more with it, however it isn’t as portable as the Sizzix machine. The Spellbinders Grand Calibur is also a large machine that die cuts and embosses most sizes of dies and embossing folders. The TODO also allows me to use any size of die or embossing folder however the TODO also comes with a hot plate which allows for hot foils as well as using embossing folders which means you can do quite a bit more with it. All these cutting machines are manual machines you need to turn a handle to manually pull them through the machine.

Cut ‘N’ Boss Machine

Now onto my new machine my husband brought me, a Cut ‘N’ Boss machine. The first, and most obvious difference is that the Cut ‘N’ Boss is an automatic machine which means no more turning handles (yay!). The Cut ‘N’ Boss takes large dies and embossing folders and it comes with all the plates you need including a magnetic slim plate, a soft plate for embossing and a thin shim plate. There is also a leaflet included that will explain how to use each plate for different purposes. When you are ready, all you need to do is press the on button, feed the combination of plates in and the machine grabs the plates and takes them through the machine. The plates don’t fall out the machine either which means you can do something else while you wait for it to finish. This is easily the main standout feature for me and it will help me save some time as I can put things through the machine and leave them until I need them.

Final Thoughts

Overall all the machines are good for the job and if you are deciding which machine to get I would say think about what you want your machine to do for you and how important the small features are to you and then decide what one to go for. I love my new Cut ‘N’ Boss but if you have the money and only want to invest in one machine then I would say invest in a TODO as it also gives you the chance to hot foil, but it is more expensive.

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